Trail Canyon Trail


Trail Canyon (5007)

Description: Trail Canyon Trail is 3.7 miles long and follows Trail Canyon into the Dark Canyon Wilderness. The trail begins at Forest Road #091 off of North Long Point. The trail ends when it intersects Dark Canyon Trail #006 at the bottom of Dark Canyon. This trail drops steeply through sandstone cliffs before following an intermittent stream to Dark Canyon and the perennial springs in Dark Canyon.

This trail is in designated wilderness. This trail is very steep and narrow with some rocky drop-offs and unstable surfaces. Be sure that you are comfortable in this type of terrain. Horses are allowed on this trail but are not recommended due to the steep and rock trail conditions.

Trail conditions vary widely with weather events and during spring runoff. Check with the Monticello Ranger District for updated information.

Difficulty Level: Elevation change is approximately 1,450ft.

Usage: Light


Open to: Hiking and Horseback Riding.

Water: Water is only seasonally available in Trail Canyon. Users should carry water as well as systems to purify water. Users should contact the USFS for current water availability information.

Restroom: There is no restroom available.

Operated by: Forest Service

Information Center: Monticello Ranger District (435) 587-2041