Photo by Jacob Frank

Squaw Canyon to Lost Canyon

Squaw Canyon to Lost Canyon

Squaw Canyon 

Lost Canyon


Squaw to Big Spring Canyon 7.5 miles  (12km)

Squaw to Lost Canyon 8.7 miles (14km)


2 Designated sites


Water may be found intermittently in upper Squaw Canyon. In the heat of the summer, pools often become scarce and stagnant.


From the campground, the trail crosses broad grasslands and slickrock benches before following the gently rising canyon past cottonwood trees to the junction with the Lost Canyon trail. From there, hikers can return to the campground by climbing the slickrock to either the Lost or Big Spring Canyon Trails.



Located on a bench above Squaw Wash

Roughly 2 miles from the campground

Some shelter from pinion-juniper forest

Private, no view



Located on a bench above the junction between Squaw and Lost Canyon trails (follow Lost Canyon trail)

Partial shelter from pinion-juniper forest

Short hike to good views

Near trail