Photo by Jacob Frank
Photo by Jacob Frank

Salt Creek Canyon

Salt Creek


22.5 miles (36km) one-way from the Cathedral Butte trailhead to Peekaboo Camp


4 designated sites in Upper Salt Creek

4 at-large permits in the Salt/Horse zone

2 at-large permits in Butler/West Side Canyons


Water is generally available near all of the designated campsites, and may be found intermittently throughout the canyon.


The Salt Creek trail follows the main wash past cottonwood groves, through dense thickets of reeds, and across sagebrush flats from which hikers can marvel at the beautifully sculpted walls of this broad canyon. The trail is obscured by dense vegetation in many areas and can be hard to follow. The trail may be very wet, depending on the season. There are several arches that can be seen from the trail, and numerous side canyons to explore.

The trail is accessed by hiking or driving to the trailhead at Peekaboo Camp, or by driving via Cottonwood Canyon to the Cathedral Butte trailhead. From Cathedral Butte, there is a strenuous, 1,000 foot descent into the canyon.


SC1 and SC2

Located behind Kirk's Cabin roughly 3.5 mile (5.5kmk) from the Cathedral Butte trailhead

Brushy area, with some shade from rock at SC1

Well away from main trail, sites well separated

Good water nearby in any season


Located roughly 8.5 miles (13.5km) from Cathedral Butte or 5 miles (8km) from the Salt/Horse zone

Open area with good views of the canyon

Visible from main trail

Water nearby in any season, may be full of sediment during and after fall storms


On bench next to wash, roughly 2 miles (4km) from the Salt/Horse zone

Good shade from Cottonwood trees

Nearby water may be stagnant in mid-summer

Visible from main trail