Lost Canyon




Lost to Squaw Canyon: 8.7 miles (14km)


3 designated sites in Lost Canyon


Water may be found intermittently along the Lost Canyon trail during spring and fall. A spring near LC2 may be the only water source in mid-summer.


Lost Canyon can be reached from either the Squaw Canyon or Peek-A-Boo Trails. The Peek-A-Boo Trail crosses Lost Canyon 2.6 miles (4.2km) from the campground trail head. From there, the trail generally follows the canyon bottom up the wash, then climbs to a slickrock pass that provides excellent views of the surrounding area. The trail then traverses a sandstone bench and descends into Squaw Canyon. The low-lying sections of Lost Canyon are heavily vegetated and may involve some walking in water.



  • Along Peekaboo Trail just east of Lost Canyon Trail junction
  • On a bench above the main wash
  • Very brushy, some shade
  • Secluded, no view
  • No reliable water nearby


  • Located roughly one mile upstream from LC1
  • Limited shade from nearby boulders
  • Good view
  • Private, off of main trail
  • Water usually available in main wash


  • Located roughly one mile from the upper Squaw Canyon Trail
  • Good shade form Pinyon-Juniper trees
  • Water usually available downstream in main wash
  • Near trail