Big Spring to Squaw Canyon


Big Spring Canyon


Big Sping to Squaw loop: 7.5 miles (12km)

Big Spring to Elephant loop: 10.7 miles (17km)


Two designated sites


During spring and fall, intermittent water may be found in the wash bottom. In mid-summer, however, the was is generally dry.


This trail begins at either of the campground trailheads (loop A or B), crosses a small slick rock island and follow the canyon bottom closely to the head of the canyon. The last section climbs steeply up and over a slick rock pass and descends to an intersection where hikers may either continue down by following the Squaw Canyon trail, or traverse along a series of benches and return via Elephant Canyon. the latter route involves negotiating two ladders.

Hiking over the pass between Big Spring and Squaw Canyons may make people with a fear of heights uncomfortable, and the steep sections quickly become hazardous in wet or snowy weather.


  • 1.2 miles from campground, near trail junction to Chesler Park
  • Approximately 100 yds. from trail (out of sight)
  • Camping on packed soils in pinion-juniper forest
  • Some shelter from sun/wind
  • Room for two tents


  • Approximately 2.3 miles from campground
  • Next to trail
  • Camping in pinion-juniper/scrub oak forest
  • Some shelter from sun/wind
  • Room for two or three tents