Too Much To Do!

With so many things to do you have to stay an extra day or two. With all our attractions, trails, and activities you use up your whole vacation staying here. Monticello offers a small town community with world class activities. Right at the base of the beautiful Abajo Mountains and at 7,000+ feet you only have to hop on your horse, atv, or bike to be on National Forest exploring the great outdoors. Whether you want to see Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, or any other park in the four corners area - Monticello is the place to stay. We offer hotel lodgings with a beautiful bright night sky. 


ATV Riding

If you want world class trails views and solitude you've come to the right place. With trails that stretch for days you have countless opportunities to see the most diverse country you have ever seen. 



The Hideout Golf Course is hands down the best kept golf secret in the country. Ranked #2 in the state and top 20 in the country the Hideout Golf Course will wow you with its beauty and seclusion. 



Pound for pound some of the best hiking in the world. Monticello has more variety of hiking in its back yard than almost anywhere else you will find. 



Monticello is home to quiet possibly the best downhill and cross country trails you will ever ride. With the diversity that comes from living at the base of a beautiful mountain with the largest national park in the state on its northern border. 



Monticello has amazing secluded and yet amazingly close campsites within 4 mile of the city limits. That's the benefit of our location, we're in the middle of everything.